It Starts: Establishment Media Demands ‘Too Conflicted’ Robert Mueller To Resign From Russia Probe

D.C. is on fire after the reports about Mueller being forced to fire FBI agent Peter Strzok from the Russia probe over anti-Trump and pro-Hillary text messages. Earlier this week, the editorial board of the Wall Street Journal published an op-ed calling for Mueller himself to resign from the probe.

According to WSJ:

A lead FBI investigator on the Mueller probe, Peter Strzok, was demoted just after it was discovered he’d sent anti- Trump texts to his mistress.

It sure does sound troubling, but Mr. Mueller and the Justice Department kept this from House investigators, regardless of Intelligence Committee subpoenas that would have exposed those texts. Plus, they rejected to give answers about Mr. Strzok’s dismissal and refected to make him available for an interview.

The latest news as well say that Mueller is too conflicted to investigate the FBI and should step down. The investigation is going to cintinue either way, even though perhaps with a person that does not think his job includes protecting the FBI and Comey from answering any kinds of questions.

Unlike the MSM, The Gateway Pundit has believed the chief objective behind the Russia investigation is to nullify the results of last year’s election. Actualy, while both liberals and conservatives declared the ‘honorable,’ ‘highly respected,’ Robert Mueller was the right person for leading the Russia probe, this website reported deep reservations about his character and history as a prosecutor.

Flynn’s guilty plea, followed by Trump’s lawyer John Dowd’s tweet, implies that the White House was aware of the former National Security Advisor led to the FBI, has brought a new focus to the mission behind Mueller’s probe.

Ex-Chief Assistant, U.S. Attorney Andrew C. McCarthy, wrote in the National Review that Mueller’s end game is now clear as day; impeach Donald J. Trump.

“It became an obstruction investigation, which means that it’s an impeachment investigation.”

In case I am correct about Mueller’s theory, its flaw as a vehicle for prosecution has always been the same:

As president, Trump had the power to exercise prosecutorial discretion and to fire the FBI director. The FBI and the DOJ are subordinates of the president delegated to exercise his power, not their own. Even on James Comey’s account, President Trump did not gave an order to him to shut down the Flynn investigation, even though he could have.

Michael Flynn, Trump’s ex-National Security Advisor, pleaded guilty to making false statements to the FBI about contacting Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak during the transition.

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