Breaking: Hillary In Hiding After Her Darkest Secret Yet Leaks

Hillary Clinton has been committing crimes against our country and gotten away with them, and now, Freedom Daily reported that Tom Fitton, the president of conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch, posted a video according to which Clinton was “hiding everything on her private email server”.

By “everything”, he meant the plethora of scandals surrounding her, everything from the Bureau’s handling of her email investigation to alleged pay-to-play scheme between the Clinton Foundation and State Department agencies.

The video raised questions about why the State Department is taking their time to release the rest of the emails, which would only further expose Clinton and lend even more evidence that the Justice Department needs to investigate her further. This video makes it clear that little attention is being paid to what this scandal is really about — the missing 33,000 emails.

The New York Post‘s Paul Sperry had recently argued that those emails, which as Fitton hints, are housed on the private email server that is “hiding EVERYTHING”, may not be missing after all.

“In am interview with FBI agents from several months ago, an executive with the Denver contractor that maintained Clinton’s private server stated that an underling did not bleach-clean all of her subpoenaed emails, but only the ones he stored in a data file that was used to transfer the emails from the server to Clinton’s aides, who in turn sorted them for delivery to Congress,” Sperry wrote and added the following

“According to a Platte River Networks executive, PRN tech Paul Combetta ‘created a ‘vehicle’ to transfer email files from the live mailboxes of Clinton Executive Services Corp. email accounts, and later, used BleachBit software to shred the ‘vehicle’, eve though the email content still existed in the live email accounts.

The emails that are being considered missing may as well be captured on a Google server. As it stands in the notes of the FBI, Combetta ‘transferred each one of the emails’ content to a personal Google email address he created’, but  the FBI never subpoenaed Google to find out,” he added.

Last week, a federal judge gave an order to the State Department to speed up the release Hillary Clinton’s 72,000 pages of email records, which will be released on September 28th, 2018 rather than waiting until the year 2020.

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