Dolly Patron Unleashed Hell On Race-Baiter Attempting To Destroy Her Dixie Stampede

Dolly Parton is extremly proud of her Southern roots and has become synonymous with the great state of Tennessee. Unfortunately, a Black Lives Matter activists decided to go after her by shutting her “Dixie Stampede” down, which did not end well for the race-baiter.

According to Freedom Daily, the activist’s name is Aisha Harris, who has written a scathing oped for Slate in which she attempted to make the dinners look “racist.”

“It has been advertised as an ‘extraordinary dinner show … pitting North against South in one friendly rivalry,’ Dolly Parton’s Dixie Stampede is the Lost Cause of the Confederacy meets Cirque du Soleil,” is what Harris wrote. “It’s a lily-white kitsch extravaganza, one that play-acts the Civil War, but not once mentions slavery.”

The alleged racism is the audience being divided into the “north” and the “south” side, but when Harris arrived at the venue, there were people of both races sitting on each side of the dinner theater – it wasn’t racially divided as she initially assumed.

Harris’ quest to expose Parton as a racist backfired immediately when the only shred of racism she “uncovered” was wood finishes on the bathroom signs. She saw the “Northerners” sign being painted black and the “Southerners” in yellow and contrived in her twisted mind that it was bigoted.

“I had the time to run to the bathroom after three and a half hours of sucking down lemonade by the bootful. It seemed like it could be a nice break, and then, I stumble upon this.

’Southerners Only’ on a light-colored placard and ‘Northerners Only’ on a dark-colored placard – horrifyingly tone-deaf. So, I went in the ‘Southerners Only’ stall because it was the only one open.”

So, Parton is the winner in this fight. At the end of the show, she brought both sides together and said, “We’re all Americans”, which was followed by Dolly’s song “Color Me America”. It is obvious that the point of the show was to bring American citizens together, which is something a Black Lives Matter activist like Harris is never going to be able to understand.

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