Katie Couric Speaks Out On Canceling Clinton Interview: ‘It Was Over As Soon As She Called Him The N Word’

Katie Couric has just come out and corroborated the story of a fired sound tech who claims he heard Hillary Clinton use the “N” word and decided not to remain quiet.
Couric was talking with Clinton during a commercial. She was the only other witness to what happened.
Clinton was casually asked how she was doing since the election and made reference to “that f*cking orange baboon” and to “that n*gger Obama”. Couric felt insulted because of this and refused to continue.
Clinton was asked to leave, but on the way out her goons stopped at the sound booth and confiscated all footage from lead engineer Chuck Halstead.
According to Halstead, his sound guy, Myron Beetlethong, witnessed the entire conversation and recorded it, but that only Katie herself could corroborate, which she did this morning.

Now, Clinton is going to have to give an explanation to the tens of millions of people who find her a champion – how can she say such vulgar and racist things.

According to Couric, Clinton won’t be welcome back at CBS anytime soon and regrets that she voted for her – something that we hear often recently. Couric is about to speak about what happened on her show this Sunday at 10 AM.

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  1. SJW

    December 2, 2017 at 7:42 am

    You are just now seeing what an evil person HRC is and regret voting for her? Wow, glad there were enough informed and intelligent folks out there that didn’t vote for this criminal. For a person in journalism and should know truth from fiction, outside of what is publicized, you should have known long ago what type of person she is. Look at her husband, the apples didn’t fall far from the tree when these two matched up. Love wasn’t the answer but their criminal activity was to give them the power and money they wanted.

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