Have Fun In Prison: Anti-Trump Author Michael Wolff Woke Up To His Biggest Nightmare

Author Michael Wolff has been making the rounds of the MSM this month just after the series of outrageous claims about the president he made in his new book “Fire and Fury”, and now, Trump is firing back at him big time.

According to The Daily Caller, President Trump took to Twitter over the weekend and eviscerated Wolff and the mainstream media – take a look:

He was asked if he “regrets” what he wrote wrong, and his response was, “I believe I mixed up a Mike Berman and a Mark Berman, and for that, I apologize.”

This apology itself was an error – Wolff actually does say “Mark Berman” in his book. He was called out by Washington Post national reporter Mark Berman for placing him at a breakfast he didn’t attend, not for getting his name wrong.

It is obvious that Wolff made so many errors that even he can’t keep them straight.

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