Moments Ago Michelle Obama Got Terrible News From Her Doctor

During the last months of Obama’s presidency, so many thought that thrre is something odd with his wife’s behavior. When her husband lost power, she seemed to make disparaging remarks about the country at every opportunity she could possibly take, and now, a doctor has shed light as to why she acted this way – he diagnoses her recent behavior.

According to Bizpac Review, Dr. Lauren A. Wright explained that Michelle Obama has turned herself into an attack dog to help her husband build his legacy while  the last days of his presidency were slipping away. This is what the doctor said:

“She’s in legacy building mode and does not have to worry about the implications of her remarks for the upcoming months. This is when she feels most free to express her feelings, her beliefs and her message to the public.”

Wright is the director of investor relations at NV5 Global, Inc., as well as a member of the White House Transition Project. She has also written a book entitled, “On Behalf of the President: Presidential Spouses and White House Communications Strategy Today.”

She noted that the former first lady gave more speeches and indulged more appearances than any other recent first lady. Because of her ego, she could never give up the spotlight for long.

“I believe what surprises and upsets people most times is that first ladies give more public remarks than vice presidents – this has been happening over the last three administrations.” 

Unfortunately for Michelle, her efforts to become an “attack dog” for her husband backfired as Twitter users said that American citizens saw right through her nonsense:

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