Just In: Obama Makes BREATHTAKING Announcement About His Daughter Malia

Barack Obama is one self-centered egomaniac who has had an incredibly difficult time giving up the spotlight to the president, and has just shamelessly attempted to use his 19 year-old daughter Malia to get himself back in the headlines.

According to E! Online, while appearing on the premiere of Netflix’s My Next Guest Needs No Introduction With David Letterman, the former president talked about dropping his daughter off at Harvard University last fall for her freshman year:

“It felt like open-heart surgery. One of the best descriptions I ever heard of children is it’s like having your heart outside your body. They’re not that smart and they are so kind of wandering around, crossing streets, getting on airplanes, you just want to put ’em back in.

It was interesting to see how individuals handled the situation – my wife had like cleaning glove, one of the yellow ones. She’s scouring the bathroom and has all planned about how things should be. Sasha tried to be cool and she didn’t want to admit that she’s going to miss her sister. She’s is much neater than her and was helping to make the bed and fold clothes. She was only being really quiet, but the way she was quiet in was really moving and touching.

And I was basically useless. So many had seen me crying and misting up for the previous three weeks. So, Malia then said, ‘Hey, Dad, I’ve got this lamp in this box. Can you put it together?’, so I grab it. It should have taken three or so minutes, it had one of those little wrenches—the little tool. It had like four parts or something and I took half an hour. Meanwhile, my wife has finished scrubbing and even started organizing closets, and I was pretty pathetic.”

The former president then said that he now uses “technology” in order to keep in touch with his daughter.

“She always texts me and we’re talking on a regular basis. When we were kids, we had to go down to the hall at the end of the dorm, and my grandmother hated long-distance calls. It was just too expensive. So, if you called collect, you weren’t sure if she was going to accept.”

Barack Obama is conveniently leaving out the fact that since starting at Harvard, his daughter’s hard-partying ways have become way worse – she has been caught on camera drinking, smoking and making out with boys. This is an obvious attempt of Obama trying to use this story about dropping Malia off at college to make himself look good, but it actually made him look beyond pathetic.

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