Puerto Rico’s Governor Destroys Univision Anchor For Calling President Trump A ‘Racist’

Everyone keep accusing the President of acting racist to Puerto Ricans after Hurricane Maria, like he did not help with billions of dollars in aid. Thank God the governor hit back hard when a Univision host accused Trump of racism once again.

“When Trump says that the real catastrophe happened in Katrina and not Puerto Rico, you not defend the Puerto Ricans. Why didn’t you skmply tell him, ‘Mr. President, you’re wrong?’”

Governor Rossello, who is a Democrat, defended Trump:

“He did not say that the real catastrophe was one, and not in Puerto Rico. He was talking about the Katrina catastrophe. Is he aware that this is a disaster? Yes. We flew over the island together and he did see the hundreds ofdestrpyed homes in Puerto Rico.”

The reporter then tried to make things personal:

“Why are you treating Trump so well? Has he always been treating you (Puerto Ricans) well, Governor? They keep dying. Regardless of all this attitude with Trump is still the same. Because of the lack of aid – because of the dead and the wounded. All because Trump has not provided it in time.”

Rosello responded:

“I am here to get results, not to focus on what is being said or talked about. San Juan Mayor said that the real catastrophe is what Trump is saying, but what we see every day is that the real catastrophe – what happened here in Puerto Rico – a hurricane.”

Take a look:

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