JUST IN:Laura Ingraham Exposed Liberal Late Night Hosts As The Hypocrites They Are!

After the wave of sexual assault claims coming out of Hollywood, Liberals are forced to accept that their holier-than-thou image was nothing more than an ‘act’. One of these allegations are claims that comedian Louis ‘C.K.’ sexually assaulted 5 women.

Surprisingly, he admitted to all of this and even attempted a shocking public apology: 

“It’s all true. At the time, I was twlling myself it was okay, I have never been with a women before asking first until then. I learned, however, ,aybe too late, that when you have power over another person, asking them for that kind of thing is not a question, but a predicament. I had power over these women – they all admired me – and I wielded the power irresponsibly.”

The perfect fodder for every liberal late night talk show hosts, right? Wrong.

If the one being accused is one of the entertainers, all of a sudden, they will all decide to be descret and silent. They alway mock publicly no matter what Trump does, but will always stand in solidarity to protect an admitted sexual predator. 

“The condemnations for conservatives come fast and furious, but this time – it’s the cat that has their tongue,” says Ingraham.

Takw a look at this video from the Ingraham Angle and see how far Hollywood liberals are willing to go on order to protect one of their own:

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