GAME OVER! Just After The Media Lied About President Trump, Mike Huckabee Exposed Their Darkest Secret On Live TV!

The MSM is manipulating information in order to find a reason to criticize the President once again. He has successfully showed diplomacy while traveling around the globe. He’s been treated by others like no other U.S. president has in our recent history. Most of the American citizens would be thrilled to hear about a newfound respect for America, which somehow offends the liberals.

Mike Huckabee went on Fox News and EXPOSE the MSM’s agenda!

Instead of accurately reporting on the respect our President garnered, they create something totally different. These tactics remind me of schoolyard jeers used by elementary aged bullies! They always come up with something and report it as if it’s true! 

Take a look at the following video and share so it goes viral: 

“Our President has to deal with this every day,” says Huckabee. “A press that completely twists the story so they can make it completelly negative.”

According to mainstream media sources, they have tried to say that Trump is afraid of Putin – this is what Huckabee said about it:


“Donald Trump is not afraid of anyone! He is a the kind of man that talks straight to the faces of anybody he feels thw need to. If you ask me, that’s totally absurd, and it’s one more way in which the media has discredited themselves.”

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