Judge Jeanine Pirro Reveals Why Trump Supporters Are In Physical Danger

The liberal hatred against the President everyine that supports him is getting out of hand. However, in a recent monologue, Judge Pirro said that it’s only going to get worse and explained why:

“I’ve never seen such thing before in my life. The left truely hates our President and are trying to recast our legal system without authority and legislative sanction, as well as judicial intervention. 

If you ask them, the use of physical and justified if they do not agree with your politics. The same people that call you call you fascist are the ones changing the rules and propagating a legal theory that is outrageously incorrect and an outright attempt at anarchy. 

So many Conservatives have experienced violence against them because of who they support. Youtube star Blaire White tried a social experiment recently – she walked through Hollywood with a ‘Make America Great Again’ hat on. A total stranger stomped on her hand, and another one poured burning liquid on her right on camera.”

What do yoy think of hatred against Conservatives? Take a look at the following videos nd tell us what you think:

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