Roseanne Barr Compliments President Trump On Breaking Human Trafficking Circles In Our Country And The Media Are Silent

Actress Roseanne Barr supported our president’s side in standing against criminals who exploit kids.

This came in wake of former child stars’ claims that they have been sexually abused by entities in Hollywood’s showbusiness. Roseanne emphasized that these childer need someone to stand up for them.

Simultaneously, liberal media outlets are careless of this, and are focused on the non-existing Russia-collusion case. The fact that President Trump broke and deteriorated pedophilia rings across our country seemed to lefties as a story not worth telling.

As per Townhall, liberals totally ignored this story:

“This should be on front pages and in the national news! Instead, the MSM has barely touched it! Why is that?

There have been staggering more than 1,500 arrests in few weeks; compare this to less than 400 sex trafficking-related arrests three years back, as the FBI stated. I think that this is an indicator that Trump makes human trafficking a top priority.”

According to CIA’s yearly statistics, more than 50,000 women and underaged girls have been trafficked into pur country as prostitution tools.

This is exactly where the border wall will come in handy the most – the largest human trafficking network is placed across the southern border.


At the beginning of this year, Trump changed some things for the better and brough the “full force and weight” of the federal government in order to cease human trafficking activities in America.

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