Sheriff David Clarke Points Out The Hypocrisy Of The Ones Calling For Moore To Step Aside

According to Sheriff Clarke, those calling for Roy Moore to terminate his Senate candidacy are full of hypocrisy. Even Mitt Romney and John McCain have demanded Moore to step down no matter is he guilty or not of sexual assault of a minor.

Democrats are amazed of the possibility of Moore being out of the race, which can mean that their party might get the Alabama Senate seat.

He tweeted a response to a tweet posted by Romney. In it, he demands Moore to step down because “Innocent until proven guilty stands for criminal convictions, not elections. I trust Leigh Corfman – her account can’t be ignored. Moore is unfit for office and should step aside.”

Some other people questioned the timing and the source of the accusations against him.

But the hypocrisy still stands, where were these Democrats to demand resignations when President Bill Clinton’s accusation surfaced, or Sen. Bob Menendez when was charged with corruption?

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