Sarah Sanders Had Enough And Scorched Liberals’ Questions About The President’s Sanity With Blistering Response!

Sarah Sanders has had enough with all the questions regarding Michael Wolff’s book, “Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House”, so she let loose on everyone that would rather believe a work of fiction than her words.

“So disgraceful and so silly”, was her answer when she was asked about the president’s mental condition. “Had he been unfit, he probably wouldn’t be in office right now and wouldn’t have defeated the most qualified group of candidates the Republicans have ever seen.

He is one incredibly strong and good, which is why 2017 was such a successful year and why we’re still having great achievements as we move forward in this administration.”

Over the weekend, she made an appearance on Fox and Friends and once again set the record straight for anyone who was still buying the BS pushed by Wolff’s book – take a look:

“These accusations are completely outrageous and untrue. It is so sad that people are making these desperate attempts to attack the president. Anyway, there is one really mentally unstable thing here – the ones that don’t see the positive impact that this man is having on our country. The economy is booming, ISIS is being crushed – things are getting better for Americans with each passing day.”

Since Michael Wolff’s words came out, there have been tons of questions about Trump’s mental state. His willingness to win the election has also brought up, and according to the author, he has had first hand, unprecedented access to many in the administration.

Anyway, it turned out that many in the White House deny ever having spoken to Wolff. In addition, several journalists uncovered that Wolff has been accused of lies. He had formerly worked New York Magazine, and they referred to him as an “angry man for pay” and a “media provocateur”. Plus, it was uncovered that nearly a dozen people came forward to say that he had invented or misconstrued their quotes in a previous book, Burn Rate.

Wolff’s credibility isn’t so great afterall, now, is it?

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