Just After Arriving In Korea, Every Reporter Noticed This New Thing Behind Our President

Our President just arrived in Seoul, South Korea and was given a warm welcome. There was a red carpet rolled especially for him. It was all amazing and beautiful, but it seems that no one nocited what was behind him:
Take a look at the video:

He spoke at press conference with President Moon Jae-in at the Blue House and they inspected US and South Korean troops together.

What was behind Trump was the three new US aircraft carriers equipped with guided-missile destroyers and submarines.
He spelled it out at the visit:

“What we’re showing is great strength. Three of the largest aircraft carriers are sent in the world (to the Korean Peninsula). A nuclear submarine is positioned as well.

Bearing this in mind, I would say that I do believe it makes sense for North Korea to make a deal that’s good for it’s citizens.” 

Are you proud of our President for taking the fight to the doorstep of North Korea? If you are, share this ASAP!

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