President Trump Did Something No President Has Ever Done And The Media Refuses To Cover It

Not to knock the below detailed Trump achievement, but when someone is brave enough to ignore the cartel of egg head Leftists, and that someone rules the Land of Economic Theory, making history can come easy.

 As The  American Thinker reported, it took less than a year for President Trump to close the gap between the percentage of White and Black unemployment, by adopting policies which dropped the Black unemployment rate to 6.8% – the lowest in recorded American history!

“For a purported white supremacist, Trump made the lives of African Americans far better than Obama ever did”, the Thinker reported, which is true. The former president gave out dumb phones through a program riddled with fraud and waste, according to the Washington Times.

“According to most economists, the Trump administration’s tax cuts is expected to help speed the economy’s already decent pace of growth. Some envision the unemployment rate dropping to 3.5% by the end of next year. A rate that low would mark the lowest such level in nearly a half-century. It is also likely for it to force businesses to accelerate pay raises to attract and retain employees as well. Pay raises have been puzzlingly sluggish for many U.S. workers regardless of the robust job market”, reported the Associated Press.

The Thinker replied that this means that those demographic groups suffering the most from unemployment – like Blacks – will see employment improve and make more history. This is the warning they made:

“The media can ignore this reality all they want as being certain to do in their efforts to avoid helping the president. People know well when they, or their friends and families, get new jobs or their salary gets raised. President Trump is able and willing to point out these huge benefits that the black community is experiencing.”

God bless America!

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