The Trumps Panicked: Shocking Book Reveals Their Life Inside The White House 

The Trumps are now into full panic mode because of the new book that is about to be released that uncovers so many secrets about their life inside the White House.

As Daily Mail reported, the president and his ex-chief strategist were once very close – they would have dinner together nearly every night. On the nights they dined without themselves, the president would retire to his residence and eat cheeseburgers in bed while watching television.

According to this new book, “Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House”, and the author, Michael Wolff, President Trump added a lock to his door in the White House, infuriating the Secret Service and screamed at housekeeping staff thay tidied up after him.

“If I leave my shirt on the floor it’s because I want it there”, is some of the things he allegedly says to them.

Wolff says that our president was actually the source of so much of the embarrassing information that was printed about him, as he was complaining 24/7 he should not have trusted anyone. Back in February, he complained about New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman – “a nut job”- columnist Gail Collins – “a moron” – and CNN chief Jeff Zucker, who according to him was “made by Trump”.

He was enraged by a Time magazine cover that branded Steve Bannon the shadow president, and allegedly said that Steve Bannon has zero influence over him.

In the book, it stands that President Trump and his whole team never intended to win and that the whole campaign was only meant as a branding exercise. Donald Trump had an aim to set up a network of his own and was shell-shocked when the results began going his way – take a look:

“In little more than an hour, a befuddled Trump morphed into a disbelieving Trump, and eventually into a horrified Trump, but still, to come was the final transformation: all of a sudden, Donald Trump became someone that believed that he deserved to be and was completely capable of being the president of the United States.”

Allegedly, the first lady openly burst into tears, because she never wanted to be a first lady in the first place, and had been promised that all of this would be over soon.

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