OUCH! Journalists Freaking Out After Obama Caught With His Pants Down On Wall Street

Those Liberals!  Always running around, acting like do-gooders and like they don’t need or care about money!

First, there was Hillary Clinton.  She sure as heck didn’t want anyone finding out how much money she made (hundreds of thousands, ya’ll) yakking at banks, securities firms and Goldman Sachs.  She had the liberals totally buying it too, thinking that she wasn’t married to Wall Street.

I’m gonna let the Doctor of Common Sense.

Whatever! Good thing she LOST!

Well, look who’s at it now!  Obama, who created the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (one of his MANY agencies, bringing more RED TAPE to our country), supposedly to protect us from these big banks, etc.,  is now reportedly going to be paid $400,000.00 by the investment firm Cantor Fitzgerald, to speak at a lunch at a healthcare conference!

That’s right, Obama will make, during one lunchtime, the same as he made, per year, as POTUS!

Now, I don’t know about you, but this all sounds PRETTY shady!  He’s speaking at a HEALTHCARE conference, where he’s getting paid BIG BUCKS by an investment firm!  Hmmmm… and his big “accomplishment” as President was Obamacare….  Makes you start to wonder what’s really going on, doesn’t it!

I think we all know what’s going on! Obamacare is a sham and, but for a couple aspects we want to keep (probably put in there just to get it done), it’s a FAILURE!

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