It’s Over: Bill Clinton Just Did Something To Hillary That Will End Their Marriage

For so many years, our country has been terrified by Bill and Hillary Clinton. Now it looks like their marriage is about to end.

Author Ed Klein claims that Bill and Hillary have not spoken to each other for months now, and says that the whole fight was over her new book “What Happened.”

Allegedly, Bill was trying to help Hillary out before she published the book. He didn’t like the title, as well as the whole story of the book and was pushing her to change it before she publishes the book, which did not make her happy…

‘He was constantly telling her that beside that book she looks bewildered, angry and confused, and that those are not that good qualitites for a person that once aspired to be a world leader.

He hated the title because he thought the only answer the people will give to it is “You lost”. 

‘He urged her to rewrite the whole thing, but that made her so angry and they had a huge fight in which she said that the book is finished and that’s the way it’s going to be published.’

Allegedly, they have not spoken ever since. To back up this author’s story, it is worth noting that the last picture they took together was in August even BEFORE her book tour started.

The dynamic duo of cheating politics has finally ended, share this everywhere so every conservative sees!

9 thoughts on “It’s Over: Bill Clinton Just Did Something To Hillary That Will End Their Marriage”

  1. Who cares that the Clintons are breaking up. They have never had a good marriage and both of them are evil. They both should be in Gitmo for life in the same cell.

    1. oh, no wonder they lie every time they open their filthy disgusting mouths. really? that’s the awful thing he “did” to her? please, he finally tells the truth about something and she can’t handle it? TOO BAD, WE ALL AGREE!!!!

  2. Absolutely nobody cares. We are sick of this corrupt couple. They both belong in prison for many crimes. Will be so glad when we don’t hear from any Clinton on a daily basis. Sick of their lying ugly smug faces. They are the absolute worst political family this nation has ever produced with the exception of the Obamas.

  3. Just another way to keep the Clintons in the news…who cares if they stay together or not…He likes other women and so does Hillary….Just really have no interest in their ugly, vicious life.

  4. Both are guilty of murder and a dozen other crimes they should be hanged in the public-square to let others know what to expect if they break our-laws in America…..

  5. That oicture was taken at President Trump’s inauguration. Bill looked over at Ivanka across the isle and mouthed, “Ivanka,” just as Hillary looked his way. She was not pleased.

  6. What will really happen to both these cruds:
    When they face God and he opens the Book to their Page and points to a line, and asks, “what happened here”?, you can guess what their answer will be.
    They stood up in church and said “I do” and “I will” and “I promise” to each other, to the minister, to God, and to the people in the pews of the church. What I can’t stand about people like this or anyone who gets a divorce, is that they have broken their word to all these people and to God. Worst part of it is, they have lied to themselves. They are liars. To make it worse they will hold out their hand and tell you, “my word is my bond.” I wouldn’t trust any of them any futher than I can throw them. I have been married to the same woman for 59 years. Enough said.

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