​THIS IS SICK: Susan Rice Just Admitted What She Did To Trump’s Campaign During The Election!

It is now officially proved that Susan Rice is the LIAR we all knew she was – she just gave a private testimony to the House Intelligence Committee and admitted that she did unmask Trump campaign members during the election.

She also claimed her reason for doing that was not because of Russia, but  because she was investigating why a Prince of the United Arab Emirates was visiting with Kushner, Bannon, and Flynn without telling Obama first.

It seems like this whole investigation started with a search into a Prince of the UAE and then suddenly jumped to Trump and Russia.

The UAE gave a statement in which they claimed that the meeting was simply an attempt to build a relationship between the future president of America and their country.

Rice and Obama were hiding this, we can only wonder what else they could be hiding. In the following video you can see the actual interview where Rice claims she didn’t do what she just admitted:

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