JUST IN: ​The President Gave This Boy The Biggest Surprise Of His Life And The Media Is Totally Blacking It Out! 

Remember the boy that offered to mow the White House? He is getting a chance to because of the president. Sarah Huckabee stated that Frank from Falls Church, Virginia, is set to mow the White House lawn this Friday.

Frank is a 10-year-old boy and he’ll be working with grounds keeping crew to mow the Rose Garden Lawn. Check out the following video:

“He’ll start working here at the White House and also at the Rose Garden. Trump is committing to keeping the American Dream alive. We’re all looking forward to having Frank here.”

She read his letter at the press briefing last month and when he offered his services, he even offered to bring his own fuel and batteries for the equipment.

Here is Frank with his MAGA hat via Fox 5
Frank is a hardworking 10-year-old that just wants to help our President via Fox 5

“Even though I’m only 10, I would like to show everyone that young people can be ready for lots of things,” the letter read.

It’s so heartwarming that our president is helping this little guy! The media is not reporting this, so please share!

5 thoughts on “JUST IN: ​The President Gave This Boy The Biggest Surprise Of His Life And The Media Is Totally Blacking It Out! ”

  1. This is an awesome story, its to bad the MSM will not run with it. They hate President Trump so bad and its sad, they called the election in Hillery’s favor way to early, They just knew she would win. But guess what she lost, not a big surprise to most of us, we waited and watched as the media made fools if themselves. It was so funny watching them try to talk there way out of making the wrong result. Now they still refuse to accept the fact that Donald Trump won, well he did, and he is going to make America Great Again . He has done much to that end already but the MSN will not report it. Its to bad there isn’t a news network out there someplace that will report the truth.

  2. I love this story. It is wonderful to hear about a young boy who was obviously raised by good parents wanting to help
    our President. He will mske a fine man
    that may one day be President.

  3. Let Gutierrez ,learn from the 10 year old Frank, who in his tender age ,knows the value of work, not handout, no pride or arrogance a humble heart, respectful attitude , work ethics.
    That’s the “dreamer” , starting young with total sense of responsibility , self respect and to others. Way to go Frank, good rearing from your parents, words and deeds .👌🇺🇸💕

  4. the dem will cry that he is not old enough to work and he does not have working papers.. one will say its slave labor of a young child…

  5. What a super young man. His parents raised him right, that’s for sure. Had Clinton been the President for this the media would be all over this story. Another good story about President Trump that the liberal media ignores even though this story is about a young man showing respect to our country and the President.. You go, Frank!

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