​JAIL TIME: Comey Got Awful News After He Lied To Congress! It Really Is Happening!

During a press briefing couple of days ago, Sarah Huckabee stated that Comey had LIED during interviews about the Clinton ‘matter’:

“Since Comey was fired, we’ve learned something new about his conduct that only provided further justification for that firing, such as giving false testimony and leaking classified informations. He somehow managed to  politicize an investigation into a presidential candidate.”

Sen. Ron Johnson is now DEMANDING that transcripts of the interviews conducted between the Office of Special Council and Comey’s staffers be released:

“The Committee has conducted oversight of the FBI’s ‘matter’ into Hillary’s use of a private email system. We expect the information in OSC’s possession to  further explain the scope, course, such as the nature of the investigation.”

He also said that the transcripts “may shed light” on what REALLY HAPPENED before Comey decided for Hillary not to be charged.

If the transcripts are released and really confirm that Comey lied — he may find himself on the other end of the law much sooner than we think.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

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