​The Pope Picked A Fight With The President That He Won’t Ever Win! Check Out What He Did!  

The pope is not happy about Trump’s decision for rescinding DACA. He says that if he calls himself “pro-life”, he definitely should reconsider his action because it is all in his hands.

“Donald Trump is presented as a good pro-life. It is clear to him that family is the cradle of life and its unity must be protected. If you ask me, this law comes not from Parliament, but from the executive. If I am right, I am hopeful that it will be re-thought.”

This took place just after White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon went after Church Bishops for their attacks on the president.

The Pope also stated the following:

“A person who has on his mind nothing but building walls and not bridges, is not Christian. This is not the gospel.”

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10 thoughts on “​The Pope Picked A Fight With The President That He Won’t Ever Win! Check Out What He Did!  ”

  1. A man picked by a few other men to be king of a church is just a man and should not judge another man. Only God can judge and the pope is not God, just a man.

  2. AMEN TO THAT!! AMEN!! AMEN!!@ The Pope has opened his mouth & inserted his foot way too much, especially when his opinion wasn’t asked…

  3. Just who does the Pope think he is? He’s not God and should pay attention to his religion rather than try to dictate his viewpoints.

  4. this is one that President Trump needs to think sbout before responding. He might turn the Catholic population against him, he doesnt need that. The Pope is a world leader, but I dont think he should get involved with the politics of another country. Many people complain about the government getting involved with religion, I think this is a time for seperation of church and state. The best way for the President to handle this is to just thank the Pope fur his onput and let it go. President Trump has enough people at home hating him. Tjis is a problem here not woth the Vatican.

  5. A lot of us Catholics agree that the Pope seems to be overstepping his bounds. I don’t know if we are getting the truth about what he said or if he just doesn’t understand the politics. He himself said he didn’t research DACA, if he did he would realize it wasn’t a law and it was written to be temporary, and it wasn’t protecting children, and there is at least a 40 – 50% corruption problem with the program now. It was the right thing to do and Pres. Trump obviously has more information about it that Pope Francis. The Pope really should stick to matters of the Church and the magisterium.

  6. The pope thinks he is GOD. He has no business telling the president in America what to do. He also don’t have the authority to say who is Christian and who isn’t. I haven’t seen his arms open to welcome anyone. He is over stepping his bounds and treading on American’s.
    He needs to review what his role is in his country and leave American’s alone.

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