​TRUMP’S A SAINT: He Did The UNTHINKABLE For Hurricane Harvey Victims! 

Trump is donating One Million Dollars of his own money to the victims of the Hurricane!

Sarah Huckabee revealed this during a press briefing. The reporters didn’t even take the good gesture for what it is and all they wanted to know is WHICH charity it would go to. But, Huckabee made it clear that the president had not yet picked a single charity and was open to many of them:

“He actually asked me to check with the folks in this room since you are very good at research and report so much into the groups and organizations that have always been the best and most effective in helping and providing aid. He would love to have some suggestions from them and I would be happy to take them.”

That is just the kind of leader we need! He is not happy just being the president, he chooses to go the extra mile.

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