​SMOKING GUN: Comey Got Caught Covering Up Hillary’s Crimes!

It seems that Comey drafted his announcement to close Clinton Email case before he ever even interviewed Hillary!

He just decided to say that Hillary was “extremely careless” instead of a criminal before he ever even finished his investigation. According to some new transcripts, James Comey sent the draft of his closing statements for Clinton’s email investigation in late April and the investigation was not completed until JULY!!!

On the other hand, we know that Comey was pressured by Lynch to refer to the  investigation as a “matter”, plus the secret meeting between her and Bill Clinton. 

So I guess you ask yourself this very question: 

“Should Comey be held accountable for Obstruction of Justice while serving as FBI Director?”

It looks like both Grassley and Graham thinks it’s time to take some stwps against him. They released the story and wrote a letter to the New FBI Director Christopher Wray about it:

“Conclusion first, fact-gathering second — that’s not how you run an investigation! The FBI should know better than that, especially when it comes to such great public interest and controversy.”

There is a possibility that Comey acted as FBI director under Obama only to assist Hillary in the Presidential election! Share this ASAP to show the president it’s time to take them down!

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