Liberal Feminist Katie Hopkins Wants To See Dementia Patients And Elderly People Euthanized

Lots of people would have Katie Hopkins removed from TV shows – she was part of The Apprentice and that’s when made a stunning statement. She doesn’t even know how things work and still acts like an expert.

The liberals supports the euthanasia of the elderly and her excuse is the lamest ever.

She says that old people are nothing but a burden to society and solved that problem with euthanasia and even suggested “euthanasia vans” – to roll across America and collect elderly people:

“We have far too many old people and it’s so ridiculous living something  where we can put dogs to sleep but not people. Euthanasia vans would be  like ice-cream vans – they would come to you home. It would all be perfectly charming.”

If you ask liberals, people with dementia don’t belong to hospitals, but should be euthanized. Let’s hope she’ll have dementia one day and jump in one of these euthanasia vans.

Patients with dementia are her favorite target for mocking:

“Babe I’m here again, where have you been. Babe I’m back again. I’m back again where have you been? Take that dementia style,” Hopkins tweeted.

People like her should stay away from TV shows! What do you think about her statement? Will liberals support her?

(h/t HuffPost)

2 thoughts on “Liberal Feminist Katie Hopkins Wants To See Dementia Patients And Elderly People Euthanized”

  1. Let us start this plan with here first in line. Then let us think about it and not join her. This way we get rid of the problem, its source, and a pc liberal demencrate as well as her liking the path she has chosen for the elderly… DISGUSTING!!!

  2. since when did this Liberal, feminist, probably Communist female become God? He is the only one who has the right and the power to say when any one will die.

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