North Korea Responded To Trump’s Warning With Nonsense Answer!

Two days ago, Trump stated that all military plans and tactics to respond to any North Korean attack are in place. He tweeted that America is “locked and loaded”, while the Korean Central News Agency tweeted the following:


FOX News reported:

Kim Jong Un responded with even more threats against the west and couple of hours after, North Korean state media reported that its leaders were seriously considering a plan to fire missiles at Guam.

According to defense officials, there are six B-1 bombers deployed to Guam in the very moment and according to Air Force statistics, out of the Air Force fleet of 62 bombers, only half can fly right now. At this moment, there is no U.S. Navy aircraft carrier strike group or Marine Corps Expeditionary Unit off the Korean Peninsula right.

After Trump’s statement about “fire and fury”, the Korean Central News Agency said that they consider us nothing but a lump which they can beat to a jelly any time. The President doubled down on his promise to act if Kim Jong Un utters one more threat.

2 thoughts on “North Korea Responded To Trump’s Warning With Nonsense Answer!”

  1. KimJon is koth I ng more than t big mouth bully, nobody walks up to the biggedt guy on the street and punches him, if you do you migjt get your butt kickef. I think what we need to do is give him a serious warning, something that will get his attention. Shoot down the next missel he fires, but also tell jim what we are hoing to do, thst way he cant scream we atyacked him. Do it over international wsters where the debree wont hurt anyone.

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