Judge Napolitano EXPOSES Dirty Secret: Sessions Is PROTECTING Lynch!

Trump is so angry with Sessions, but we all get him: first he recuses himself from the Russia witch hunt and now he’s doing everything but his job!

Couple of days ago, redstatejournalist.com reported the following even before FOX News: Lynch had been using an alias for her e-mails involving the Clinton investigation (matter). She used the ALLIAS in order to THWART the investigation! She has even confirmed that she used her grandmother’s name, but didn’t say what the reason was.

The question is, why did Jeff Sessions’ DOJ redacted or “blacked out” every single Elizabeth Carlyle(Lynch’s grandmother’s name) e-mail and protecting her even further?

Judge Napolitano discussed this with Stuart Varney: 

“For the blacking out is responsible Jeff Sessions Justice Department. Maybe this was expectable from the Obama Justice Department, in the end it is their attorney general. We all have to know about the thing she did untoward with Bill Clinton, we have a right to know it,” stated Judge Napolitano.

“I’m not even surprised that Trump is mad at him,” stated Stuart Varney.



4 thoughts on “Judge Napolitano EXPOSES Dirty Secret: Sessions Is PROTECTING Lynch!”

  1. Sessions has done nothing to help us! He keeps dragging his feet on the most important issues, I thought he would be a go getter and really go after the Clintons. Oh well nothing surprises me any more. He needs to go!!! Should have given Rudy the job Mr President!!!!

  2. Hold all accountable, allow the public to know the real deal. The DNC and the Democratic Party have damaged this country enough. Put a stop to it. We can remake the political party if you can weed out these far left, communists!

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