DENIAL: ABC Finally Made A Tim Allen Show Statement!

Many conservatives and fans of Tim Allen’s show, Last Man Standing, were furious because their favorite show was cancelled all of a sudden. It is believed that the cause is his support for Trump and conservative beliefs, which is, let’s say, not that unpopular stance in the realm of Hollywood. Until now, ABC has been very quiet about the real reason for the cancellation.

The weird part thing is that the show had a quite high rating. It was right on the next level to “Modern Family”. That might be the reason that ABC and the liberal media took a lot of heat from conservatives.

According to ABC Entertainment President Channing Dungey, the decision for canceling the show was never about politics: “This was never about politics, we have so many actors that have all sorts of different political views. Tim Allen is a valuable part of the Disney ABC family for such a long time. Last Man Standing’ was a show that kind of came up to the very end in terms of the renewal. The cancelling was a huge disappointment to me. It was a high-quality one that was very well done.”


16 thoughts on “DENIAL: ABC Finally Made A Tim Allen Show Statement!”

  1. That’s like cancelling a worker’s contract due to ‘budgetary constraint’. It’s bureaucrat-speak for something other than the truth. Then again, if the politics didn’t fit in with the network this would be a great way to usher it off.

  2. This statement was one big lie!! ABC told one big lie when they said it was not about politics when every one knows where ABC stands when it comes to politics! So why not tell the truth, it took you long enough to come up with that big fat lie! I have stopped watching ABC any more than I have to!

  3. You can’t tell me that it wasn’t political. Tim Allen had a great show. I liked his “sense of humor”. Wish ABC would put it back on the air and take off the View

  4. I like last man standing very funny it might be a little over the heads of the snowflakes that just lay around at th unemployment line looking for a hand out not a hand up or the libtards Thai are just looking to protest something you know the people that George soros pays to protest so they can go out and buy booze but hie comedy act is way more appropreaite than chopping the head of a president off in public or burning a flag

  5. We all know this is more B.S. You don’t cancel a show with these ratings. ..ever, for any reason. Disney has turned into Liberalland…no conservatives survive the ride.

  6. So a Hollywood can’t stand to have a #1 rated CLeAN family show. So now we all get to suffer the crap they put out. My TV is becoming more off than on. I just don’t need crap for entertainment.
    Sorry Tim. We loved you and your family.

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