Sanders’ UNFORGETTABLE Response For Faith-Shaming Journalists Left Every Believer In Tears!!!

Sarah Huckabee Sanders always sticks up for the president and supports him no matter what. Small amount of people know that before each briefing she reads a prayer, which should not be a surprising fact considering her father being pastor.

THE  New York Times had an article bout this with the following headline:

They seem like could not understand her faith and stated that she is “an unlikely public face for the president and a twice-divorced connoisseur of grievance”, to which, he had the perfect response: “I didn’t approve all of Trump’s comments, But at the same moment, we were in need for a commander in chief and not a pastor. People often want to make politicians perfect – that’s one of the beauties of Christianity – understanding what no one is”, stated Sarah.

It is a pleasure to have someone with so much grace serving the White House. She showed class and tact against media skepticism once again! SHARE this if you are glad to have her in the White House!

H/T New York Times


8 thoughts on “Sanders’ UNFORGETTABLE Response For Faith-Shaming Journalists Left Every Believer In Tears!!!”

  1. God Bless Sarah Huckabee Sanders. We Christians were not perfect before we became believers. There is only one perfect man that is our Lord Jesus Christ. We just try to be like Him but often fail, but He never leaves us to face things alone. I admire Sarah for being true to her God and herself.

  2. Sarah, I’m so proud that you do pray with other people to God our Father, and that you admit it freely, another reason to love and look up to you! May God bless you in your position in our government and may you continue to consult God as you do this job for the American people and President Trump! God bless your family members as you continue! You,dear woman, are a class act who can articulate exactly what and how the press needs to hear things! So proud of you! Go with God and may He protect you and your family!

  3. It has been so long since there has been true “Class” in the White House; good people like Sarah have them totally baffled. Evil can not stand before “Him”; keep up the good work Sarah.

  4. God bless you Sarah. We are behind you 100% Thank you for loving our President… We love how God gives you a quick wit with these crazy reporters..

  5. good for her. this country needs to get rid of the career politicions and get back to serving the people not the other way around. I am pleased he chose her to speak for him. she is doing her job.

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