Conflict Of Interests: Mueller Asked To RESIGN

The tables are turning against Mueller – his personal connections are revealed more and more every day. As that happens, Republicans are beginning to ask that he resign.

He is Comey’s predecessor from 2001-2013. As Fox News reported, he has a quite close relationship with Comey. CNN has documented their long-running history. Comey referred to Mueller as one of the finest people he has ever met. According to one AP report on Comey and Mueller, they “served closely alongside each other in the Bush administration Justice Department” and “have spoken warmly of each other”.

Comey admitted that he orchestrated the leaking of memos written by him before being fired for the purpose of getting a special counsel appointed. The special counsel turned out to be Robert Mueller.

“This investigation has become suspect up to now. According to some reports, at least four members of Mueller’s team on the Russia probe donated to support Hillary Clinton for President. These obviously deliberate partisan hirings do not help convey impartiality. Mueller has to resign, or he will be in clear violation of the law. That would fundamentally undermine him being a Special Counsel and attending his ability to execute the law.”

The president Trump is so frustrated with the Russia investigation, that he allegedly has considered firing Mueller. In an interview form two months ago, Trump stated that Mueller was “such good friends with Comey, which is bothersome.”

Couple of days ago, Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham stated that if Trump fires Mueller, that might be the beginning of the end of his presidency.


7 thoughts on “Conflict Of Interests: Mueller Asked To RESIGN”

  1. Tell graham to go side with dems like him n McCain always does two traitors. You dare touch trump you’ll have everyone that voted for him on you morons butts

  2. He should resign his conflicts of interest are more than Sessions, and he recused himself. Why is he above that.

  3. There is no way this is a fair and unbias investigation. The cards are stacked against President Trump. Anyone can see the obivious out come. Mueller needs to resign or be fired.

  4. Who the he’ll are John McCain and Lindsey graham?? They are rino’s and have been nothing but the problem like McConnell, Ryan and departed Boehner. Since they are the problem then the solution is to get rid of their useless sorry sold out asses!!

  5. Mueller should’ve been vetted before he took over. I get the feeling the Democrats knew all along he had a serious conflict but they ignored it because they want PRESIDENT TRUMP out of office. If you think about how all that’s transpired over the past 7-8 months and the conflicts the Democrats have kept in motion. It’s plain to see there isn’t an honest Congressmen/Congresswoman in the lot. All the RINOS HAVE TO GO Graham,McCain. Ryan for starters. If these people can’t back the President in what he has been doing and constantly bickering they should go!

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