Liberals Thought Trump Was On 17-Days Vacation, But Actually He Was Planning A Surprise For Obama!

It was said that the president will be taking his first vacation since his inauguration. He was supposed to spend 17 days golfing at his club in Bedminster, New Jersey, but what he actually will e doing surprised everyone: he is planning a ,,surprise” for Obama!

Hypocrisy is what makes one liberal a liberal. When Obama was taking vacations no one minded, but now when Trump does the same all the Left does it bit*ching about it! He actually took the vacation for cleaning Obama’s mess and he’s leaving the White House while renovations begin to take place.

There is a lot of work in the White house than it looks like. Trump once referred to the House as ,,a dump” – he wasn’t referring to the historical house itself, but about the mess that Obama left.

There were cockroaches in the House and obviously Obama allowed that! This only proves the level of the respect he has for the House, which is apparently equal to zero.

Liberals always complain about Trump and whatever he does. It’s like they are totally ignoring this cockroaches thing, or even they are okay with it, just because Obama is responsible for it.

Trump might be spending time at his own golf club, but he won’t be enjoying time on the green like Obama would have – he is about to spend his whole vacation time working. When liberals criticize Trump’s comments next time, they better look at the whole story.

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