MAXINE WATERS FINALLY BROKE: She Let Slip Something That Will Doom The Democrats!

Maxine Waters is always here if you are looking for a Democrat to say something crazy. This time, she has an idea of forming political party for African Americans. She thinks that at the beginning they should all be just Democrats until they are strong enough to break off and make their own party.

She says she wants to see more black people voting before she pulls the trigger on anything. It seems like Hillary Clinton did not give her confidence in that realm:

“People need to see that you how that you’re willing able to put the numbers together and exercise your influence. We still are not voting our influence, at least not up to now.”

There are some fundamental issues about this plan: not all African Americans share the same values and who is going to be the leader of the party?

If it is expected for the leader to be Maxine Waters, they are doomed.

The Republican Party welcomes African Americans, despite the lies of the MSM. Share this on social media if you agree!

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