REVOLUTION: Ted Cruz Said The UNTHINKABLE Of Obamacare And TOTALLY P!$$ed The Senate

Good job Ted Cruz! We know that the Republicans still can’t repeal and replace Obamacare and it turned out they have a summer vacation coming up. I wouldn’t be surprised if they were thinking of skipping town before finishing the job.

Ted Cruz, of all people, decided to take a stand and went on Hannity last night. He declared that Mitch McConnell should CANCEL the Congressional recess until they get the job done.

This is what Cruz told Sean Hannity: 

“There are a bunch of us, myself included, that have been urging leadership back from January [to] not take any recesses.” I totlly agree with Ted. Now the question is, if he REALLY has been “urging” them since January to end the recesses. He earned a Lyin’ reputation, which certainly doesn’t help right now. It is strange that he made this announcement today of all days – just this morning, Trump tweeted something oddly similar, check it out:

Ted’s real message was an idea to PUSH his new healthcare amendment. It would let insurers sell any policies they wish as long as they offer at least some polices that cover the services required by ObamaCare

Ted Cruz is surprisingly right this time. The Senate and House should be working overtime to fix this instead of going to their beach houses.

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