CASE CLOSED: What Grassley Exposed About Michael Flynn Probe Will Put Rosenstein In Trouble

Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-IA) just threw open claims acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe might be too biased to investigate President Trump’s former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn. Grassley wrote a letter to Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein expressing how concerned he is about Flynn.

Grassley with the information itn Circa report showed that McCabe has reasons for bias against Flynn. In the report was a lot of information to unpack, for example:

  •  Flynn supported a female FBI agent’s sexual discrimination suit against McCabe, potentially hurting McCabe’s career, who was then in charge of investigating Flynn two years later.
  • Three FBI employees told Circa they heard McCabe disparage Flynn before and during the Russia case, which surely made them uncomfortable.

Sen. Grassley stated that McCabe should have recused himself so his actions could not have been interpreted as retribution, which is pretty bad, but not the whole story. McCabe’s wife ran for Virginia state Senate. She received donations from Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe and because of them, McCabe should have recused himself from the Clinton email probe as well.

Grassley wrote: 

“That evidence and the failure to recuse calls into question whether Mr. McCabe handled the Flynn investigation fairly and objectively, or whether he had any retaliatory motive against Flynn for being an adverse witness to him in a pending proceeding.”

It seems like another Democrat crony might have been compromised while investigating someone on the Trump team. This thing keeps getting nothing but worse for the Democrats.

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(h/t Politico, Circa,Liberty Writers


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