[VIDEO] VP Pence Just Destroyed Obstructionist Senator’s Chance For Re-Election

VP Pence visited Lewisburg, West Virginia, Wednesday and gave a speech that tore into Sen. Joe Manchin for cruelly voting “No” on policies that West Virginia needs.

He blasted Manchin’s vote against the tax bill and called him out for failing his state on more than one occasion:

“It is not the tax cut only. Sen. Joe Manchin has voted no time and again on the policies that West Virginia needs. When we were supposed to repeal and replace Obamacare, he voted no. When we empowered West Virginia to defund Planned Parenthood, he voted no once again.”

You can see Mike Pence destroy Sen. Joe Manchin in the following video:

When Manchin caught wind of Pence’s genuine grievances with him, the liberal senator jumped on Twitter and shoot out five tweets in an attempt to wriggle out of the situation he found himself in just before reelection and began discrediting the vice president and attacking the tax reform.

The Dem. senator fired even more shots at the Trump administration, saying they wanted to “kill heath care” for West Virginians.

Then, Manchin claimed thay he is the most bipartisan voter in Congress:

The West Virginia Senator is up for reelection and attempted to repair his reputation, by saying his “record speaks for itself” and claiming that the administration is “is not committed or sincere about making government work”, which is obviously not true.

His last tweet was desperate and pathetic:

As a part of the strategy for draining the swamp, the president and the vice president have made themselves clear – they will be heavily involved in the midterm elections.

“Elections are about choices,” said Pence. “If we frame it, I believe we’re going to reelect majorities in the House and the Senate, which will happen when all the dust settles after 2018. I think there is going to be more Republicans in Congress in Washington, D.C., than when we started.”

It is pretty obvious that some of these politicians stand no chance against the Trump administration.

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