Bikers EVERYWHERE Stunned After Seeing Trump’s Gift For Memorial Day

Thousands of bikers and spectators gathered around the nation’s capital on Sunday to take part in the “Rolling Thunder” motorcycle ride that travels from the Pentagon to the Vietnam War Memorial on the National Mall.

Rex Tillerson wore a black leather vest, jeans and ball cap.

Watch the video below to see Secretary of State Rex Tillerson getting ready for the rally:

According to The Gaurdian, there were 900,000 riders and spectators involved with this year’s ride.

What’s even crazier is that Rex Tillerson showing up and showing that he’s an avid biker that also supports our troops.

What an awesome statement that a member of Trump’s administration took part in the 2017 Rolling Thunder ride throughout D.C!

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One thought on “Bikers EVERYWHERE Stunned After Seeing Trump’s Gift For Memorial Day”

  1. There is nothing wrong with getting emotionable during taps or the National Anthem, almost everyone does. I do, shows you have feelings and care.

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