Mueller Is Dead In The Water: Memo Leak Details Just Confirmed His Worst Fear!

Even though this Thursday the ‘Nunes memo’ should be fully publicly released, a careless Dem in the House of Representatives has leaked a little something early.

Reuters has quoted Adam Schiff, top Dem on the House Intel Committee, that the memo about allegedly egregious FBI abuses of FISA will lead to the firing of Mueller and Rosenstein.

According to  Zero Hedge:

Stocks are red. Gowdy is abruptly retiring from Congress. Everyone is laughing at something that looks like drool dribbling from the edge of Joe Kennedy’s mouth during his rebuttal to last night’s State of the Union.

Then, along comes Reuters with a bombshell headline that – in case it is true – could shift the narrative of the so many investigations regarding Russia and obstruction of justice.

The question that remains is: whether this is a statement of fact – does the FISA memo contain cause for termination – or a smoke screen to claim that Mueller’s firing could only be possible by the “political act” that is the imminent release of the FISA memo.

Everyone is wondering whether the memo will prove that the Bureau improperly relied on the Steele dossier to obtain s FISA Court warrant on Carter Page. According to a Twitter user, Nunes’ statement comes close to confirming that in fact, this is the truth.

As The Hill reported:

Rep. Devin Nunes fired back at the FBI and DOJ on Wednesday for – according to him – “spurious objections” to the release of a GOP-authored memo purporting to show abuse of surveillance powers by the agencies. What he said in a statement is available below:

“Having stonewalled Congress’ demands for information for about a year. It did not come as a surprise to me that the FBI and the DOJ issue spurious objections to allowing the American citizens to see information connected to surveillance abuses at these agencies.”

 The chairman of the House Intelligence Committee and his staff compiled the memo from classified information provided by the DOJ and FBI. So many Republicans, as well as the White House, have been advocating its release, which is possible to happen as early as this week.

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