Dem. Rep Frederica Wilson: ‘Trump Does Not Deserve The Honor Of My Presence At SOTU’

Democratic Representative Frederica Wilson has made a new announcement – she wouldn’t give Trump the honor of attending his State of the Union address. According to her, this is a sign of protest against the president for having ‘hatred’ against black people, even though he is the one responsible for record low unemployment rates in the black community.

“I’m not going. If i do, it would mean honoring the president, and he does not deserve to be honored after being so hateful towards black people and black countries – Haiti and the whole continent of Africa – it really hurts. Plus, he has brought the White House to the lowest. I don’t think he deserves to be honored with my presence,” said Wilson.

“It really does hurt. It hurts so much. My father was a civil rights icon, and I just cannot find it in my heart to sit through this. Africa is my ancestral home. I feel big closeness to Haiti, it is a place where thousands of my constituents emanated from.

I would be rather skipping this instead of listening to the rhetoric coming from a White House that has done away with decency.

I would be rather watching the State of the Union with my local constituents, Muslims, DREAMers, as well as local Mexicans and local Haitians, and victims of sexual abuse and Gold Star families and Africans that in fact are Nigerians or South Africans. So you see, we will be watching the State of the Union, but I won’t enter the chamber.”

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. joan poppeck

    January 31, 2018 at 8:39 am

    you know it’s funny this was never brought up about Mr. Trump until he decided to run for
    President, and then all of a sudden he became a racist, never heard of this before he became a candidate for President. The Democratics from way back then were afraid/knew he would win if they didn’t start trouble for him in attacking his character, morals, business ethics, etc, doing anything and everything to discredit him. But it didn’t work, so now its time to make him more miserable than ever, like I have said many times you just can’t fix stupid

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