[JUST IN] This Is Criminal – John Kerry Busted Colluding With Palestinians!

Former Secretary of State Kerry might be finding himself under investigation after he told a close aid to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas not to listen to our president.

As the Jerusalem Post reported, Kerry told the aid to tell Abbas that he should stay strong in his spirit and play for time, he won’t break and won’t yield to President Trump’s demands.

In addition, he said that he did not believe that President Trump would remain in the White House for much longer, and all the Palestinians need to do is to wait him out.

However, that was not the end – Kerry also told the aid to ask Abbas “to concentrate on personal attacks on the American president, whom Kerry says is directly responsible for the entire situation,” and ”made a promise to help garner international support from Europeans, Arab states and the international community” to create an alternative peace process.

In case you haven’t guessed it up to now, this is one treasonous behavior. Inciting a foreign government to launch personal attacks against Donald Trump is criminal. Proposing to create a separate peace process violates the Logan Act, which prevents private citizens from negotiating on behalf of the government.

Democrats are no stranger to the Logan Act, so pleading ignorance doesn’t fit – they attempted to convict Gen. Flynn of violating the act several months back for communicating with Russia, so they are aware that this kind of activity is strictly prohibited by law.

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich was among the first to bash Kerry for what he did. When he made an appearance on Fox and Friends, he called Kerry’s actions “stunningly unpatriotic” and “overtly un-American”. His opinion was shared by many through social media, who joined in on calling out the former secretary right away.

Hopefully, Kerry will be punished for his actions – after all, the Logan Act prescribes three years imprisonment or a fine for this kind of behavior. On the other hand, the law never seems to apply to the left, so it is not that likely that anything at all will come of this without some major public outrage first.

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