President Trump Brings Back A 100-Year-Old American Tradition And Liberals Immediately Go Ballistic!

Our president has proved that he is one huge advocate of bringing religion back into our daily lives. All of us have lost sight of basic morals the years and according to out president, a strong faith in God can bring us back to where we need to be. By creating a weekly bible study, he became the first president to do so in over a century and it is called the “Trump Cabinet Bible Study”. 

When the founder of Capitol Ministries and former NBA player, Ralph Drollinger, gave a statement to CBN News, he said that a group of the most powerful people in our country a part of weekly Bible groups that study God’s word firther. He said that it is the best Bible study that he has ever taught in his life. As a man of God, he is aware how important maintaining a close relationship with God is.

CBN News included a list of regular attendees which included CIA Director Mike Pompeo, Health Secretary Tom Price, Energy Secretary Rick Perry, Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue, and Education Secretary Betsey DeVos. All of them are making history by bringing the Bible back into the White House, which is something former President Obama was not a supporter of.

According to the CBN report, it has been over a century since any administration has held a formal Bible study group, and again, Donald Trump is making a big change to the White House by bringing back the Bible, as well as the very roots of our country. He is provided with a copy of Drollinger’s teachings every week, and is always invited to attend the Bible study group. Allegedly, VP Pence will be starting to attend the meetings during his free time. 

During Drollinger’s interview, he kept raving about the Christians in Trump’s Cabinet and stated the following:

“I praise God for them and for Mike Pence, who according to me, with Donald Trump, chose the best people to lead our nation.”

 I am so happy that after eight years under someone that had zero sense of Christian religion we have finally been blessed with a president like this. It is so pleasing to see an entire Cabinet full of people willing to put the hard work in themselves to bring themselves closer to God.

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