[JUST IN] Reiner Challenges Republicans To ‘Civil War’ And Immediately Regrets It!

Failed actor Rob Reiner tweeted as a response to the Government shutdown, calling all Republicans racist and demand ‘civil war’, after which was humiliated by the commenters right away – take a look below:

In addition, you can check out what kind of responses did this tweet collect:

“The GOP is full with “brown” people, but you’re unable to see it, it just does not fit your narrative. #LatinaRepublican,” commented one user.

“Was I not around when the term “illegal alien” turned into “brown people”? I must have missed the definition change in the dictionary,” wrote another.

“”Diversity” is not working well for Sweden, why would it work any better in the USA?” wrote another in reference to the rise of radical Islam.

“Mr. Reiner’s main residence near Sunset Blvd is worth $7.5 million and the neighborhood is:* Whites, 84.2% * Asians, 6.5% * Latinos, 4.5% * Blacks, 1.2% Lecture everyone about “diversity,” you malignant potato”, was one of the reactions as well.

“I had no idea that wanting people to do things legally means that someone is a racist,” responded another.

Did Reiner deserve this kinds of comments? What do you think?

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