DC In Shock: Bombshell 9/11 Report Gave Mueller Career-Ending News!

A new report has shown that Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s has quite a shady past – it just surfaced that he himself helped in the covering up of the connections between a Saudi family and the 9/11 terrorist attacks!

According to court documents obtained by  Judicial Watch, the former FBI director is in trouble. Robert Mueller was “likely involved” in the release of deceptive agency statements to obfuscate connections between a prominent Saudi Arabian family residing in Florida and the 9/11 hijackers.

It looks like the statements were designed so that there will be something that could discredit a 2011 story exposing an FBI investigation into the family, which was as well withheld from Congress!

As the  Daily Caller reported:

The FBI investigation into the Saudis came when news stories found that they had abruptly left the country two weeks before 9/11, reportedly leaving behind their cars, furniture, clothes, and other personal items. 

“Even though the recently filed court documents show that the special councel received a briefing about the Sarasota Saudi investigation, the Bureau still publicly denied it existance, and it looks like the lies were approved by Mueller”, Judicial Watch wrote. “It did not come as surprise when he didn’t respond to questions about this new discovery emailed to his office by the news organization that uncovered it.”

Some republicans and Trump supporters have been clamoring for him to fire the special councel recently while perceiving his credibility to be waning. They say that more than half of his team has worked for either Hillary Clinton or the Clinton Foundation, or at least have a history of donating to Democrats.

In early Decembar, Judicial Watch filed a lawsuit demanding that Robert Mueller release hundreds of anti-Trump and pro-Hillary text messages exchanged by FBI agent Strzok – who was a part of Mueller’s Russia investigation team – and FBI lawyer Page throughout last year.

With some of the messages being released, it has become obvious that Strzok did not believe that the investigation would have the expected result.

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