Just In: President Trump Rocks DC With An Announcement About Dreamers!

The White House spoke out on Monday and put the DACA program’s fate squarely on congressional Dems, stating that so-called “DREAMers” should take out their frustrations on lawmakers.

 According to Daily Mail , when Sarah Huckabee Sanders was asked what she would say to the DREAMers, she simply said:

“To storm Capitol Hill and protest there.”

The fate of DACA has been embroiled ever since Friday’s shutdown, when its survival must be attached to any funding bill that would keep the government’s lights on, but Dems gave up after Republican Majority Leader Mitch McConnell pledged to bring the issue up for a vote by February 8.

The press secretary Sanders slammed Democrats saying they “held up” discussion about DACA, which guarantees to at least 700,000 people that they won’t be deported unless they commit crimes, and that they are the ones that shut this discussion down by forcing a shutdown and by being unwilling to fund the government.

In addition, she said that DREAMers are afraid due to a “failure to actually address the issue” on Capitol Hill:

“They’re the ones that pass and make laws,’ she said of Congress. “President Trump gave a six-month timeframe so that they could do it, and I think all of America is counting on them to make sure that happens.”

She said that our president is very happy about what happened on Monday and that he was “pleased that Dems in Congress have come to their senses and can finally start working toward solving the problem of very unfair illegal immigration.”

She also said that he deserves credit for the end of the standoff – he is the one that stood “firm” while Dems’ position was “frankly indefensible” and had to back off from it:

“It is obvious that what President Trump did, worked.” 

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