This Is It: Feds Make Surprise Announcement About Clinton!

A new batch of Clinton’s emails were just released – their content might put her in prison for good.

According to Conservative Tribune, Judicial Watch released almost 80 pages of emails which prove that Clinton was aware exactly what she was doing when she sent classified information over a private email server – a fact that shows that she was careless with national secrets, which is what former FBI Director Comey claimed in the first place.

In an exchange during the summer 2010, Hillary Clinton emailed her aide Justin Cooper asking him to print classified information, even though Cooper had no security clearance for doing such things, so he asked State Department IT aide Bryan Pagliano to set up Hillary’s private email server.

The next summer, in 2011, Cooper warned about security issues with the emails and Hillary’s personal cellular devices via an email – this is what he wrote in it:

“There are some new security features and policies, and I would like to add them to any new berry you have – the difference that caughts the most attention will require a more complex password. We have a constant fight to keep up with the security measures, but unfortunately, we keep facing with reminders of why we need to.”

This means one thing: even Hillary’s own aides were trying to remind her of the serious security issues at stake, and she still did not take any of this seriously. Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton even stated that the newest batch of information is what we’ve all been waiting for in regard to these emails – take a look:

“By trying to destroy/hide emails, Clinton and her agents flagrantly and knowingly violated the laws that protect classified information and government records. All of the new emails refute Clinton’s constant claims of having not enough or not at all knowledge regarding her email system. It was obvious that she was fully in charge of setting up her outlaw email system and overseeing the use of it.”

When the FBI interviewed Clinton regarding her personal email server in June of 2016, she stated that she “could not recall” any briefing or training about the retention of records or handling classified information, and like that was not enough, she swore under oath 21 times that she “did not recall” ever sending classified information over that private server.

Yet, according to these new emails, she did do it.

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