Donald Trump Broke One More Record: ‘First Time In Almost Five Decades!’

Donald Trump has been burning through Barack Obama’s legacy like it’s soaked in lighter fluid – he ran on a platform that was both simple and dear to the hearts of working-class Americans: fix the broken immigration system, tear Obamacare down, and get the economy up and running again!

On each one of the three fronts, our president has been a resounding success. On Thursday, the Department of Labor published some statistics that has the Obama liberals running for cover.

It seems that our commander–in-chief has broken one more record – take a look, according to  Daily Caller:

The number of workers that receive unemployment insurance is now to the lowest level in 44 years, as the Department of Labor has reported.

At the last week of December last year, 1.87 million people received unemployment insurance benefits, which happens to be the lowest total of recipients since Dec. 1973. The advance seasonally adjusted insured unemployment rate was 1.3 percent for at the end of January.

This is a positive sign for the economy.

The number of citizens claiming unemployment benefits in our country has continued to decline since Donald Trump was elected. During the last week of April last year, 1.9 million people received unemployment insurance benefits. 

Unemployment benefits are available for up to 26 weeks in most states and pay eligible workers up to $450 per week.

The  Washington Post has reported the following:

Bearing these numbers in mind, we can compare Donald Trump’s first year in office to his predecessors’ – he comes out looking quite good.

Relative to the figure from January in each president’s first year in office (excluding the ones that took office after a death or resignation), Donald Trump saw one of the biggest percentage-point drops in the unemployment rate.

The presidents with larger drops were Clinton in 1993 (a decline of 0.8 points) and Carter in 1977 (down 1.1). Even though, the both of them finished up first years with much higher unemployment rates, with more than 6 percent.

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