This Is Bad: Breathtaking Announcement Coming Out Of The White House!

For the last week, there has been chaos in Washington D.C. as we seem to be getting closer to a potential government shutdown really soon.

 According to NBC News, while President Trump seems to be confident that Dems will take the blame in case the shutdown occurs, congressional Republicans do not agree. Our president is with the opinion that American citizens will blame Democrats in case Congress does not manage to prevent DACA recipients from deportation, and on the other hand, Republican lawmakers fear that the blame will go to the GOP.

They fear this because of the president’s decision to end the DACA program, his past flirtation with letting federal funding expire and the fact that Republicans are in control of the White House, the Senate and the House.

“In case of shutdowns, it is our side that usually takes the hit,” said Republican Rep. Charlie Dent. “It won’t be easy for us to deflect the blame — no matter do we deserve it or not.”

Republicans are as well aware that they do not have a margin for error here, as Democrats show unexpected strength in recent election. Unfazed by this, the president has taken the following to Twitter – take a look:

According to Rep. Michael McCaul, the GOP would suffer big time in case no solution is found and the administration starts deporting the roughly 800,000 people that were shielded by Obama’s executive order creating DACA – this is what he stated:

“That won’t play well for Republicans.”

Anyway, McCaul is one of the authors of a bill that stands for letting DACA recipients to apply for legal status for three years at a time.

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