This Is What Happened Immediately After Government Shutdown!

Ever since the government shut down, at midnight on Friday, things have gotten quite messy as both Democrats and Republicans have been constantly pointing fingers at each other.

According to Fox News, the shutdown kicked in after Senate Democrats blocked a 28-day resolution to keep the government open. Even though this bill would have funded the government, and included a six-year extension of funding for the CHIP, Democrats rejected it – it did not include a legislative fix for the DACA program.

McConnell addressed lawmakers on Saturday night and urged Schumer of New York to withdraw his filibuster in order for members to pass the short-term spending bill and reopen the government. According to him, the shutdown was not only a crisis, but a manufactured one by the Senate Democrats.

Schumer claimed that he has offered President Trump funding for a border wall with Mexico in exchange for a DACA fix, and alleged that he seemed quite open to a deal, but later made further demands that Schumer said were “off the table”. This is what had Schummer stated:

“Republican leadership cannot get the tumultuous president on board with anything. The breakdown of compromise is poisoning the Congress. It all comes down to Donald Trump.”

Republicans have spoken out and slammed Democrats for what they saw as holding the government “hostage” over illegal immigration.


In addition, the White House pushed back against Schumer’s account of the meeting. Office of Management and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney stated that Schumer had actually offered only $1.8 billion in funding for the wall, which is far short of the roughly $20 billion President Trump wanted.

“Does it ever become profitable to do business with someone like that?” Mulvaney asked.

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