California Mayor Begs The President To Arrest Her And Immediately Regrets It!

Mayor Libby Schaaf of Oakland, California seems to be begging the Trump administration to arrest her! She defied all logic and reason on Wednesday and stated that she would be glad to go to jail to prevent ICE raids in her city.


“I am not surprised that the bully in chief is still attempting to intimidate our most vulnerable residents,” she said referring to President Trump. “We’re clear that our values are to protect every resident despite of where we come from. Are are about protecting families, not tearing them apart.”

According to the local CBS affiliate:

Schaaf’s remarks came on a day when rumors about ICE planning to launch a series of Bay Area raids were swerling — arresting 1,500 illegals — because California has become a Sanctuary State and some communities have adopted Sanctuary City policies.

We are exercising our legal right – being a Sanctuary City and protecting our residents,” Schaaf told KPIX 5 of her opposition to ICE raids. “The federal’s government suggestion to actively retaile against jurisdictions that are exercising their right to have sanctuary policies is illegal.”

She was asked if she were willing to go to jail so that those policies would be defended, and her answer was “Yes!”


“The level of fear and anxiety we have in this community is unconscionable,” she continued. “What is ismportant for the citizens is to know that there is a 24/7 rapid response hotline which is partially funded by the city, the county and philanthropy. We are here for protection. We won’t have a presence, we won’t do anything to suggest that we condone ICE raids in Oakland.”

All of this comes on the heels of ICE Director Holman stating that the “sanctuary city” politicians will be held criminally responsible for their dereliction of duty.

According to The Hill:

Homan stated that the DOJ needs “to file charges against the sanctuary cities” and “hold back their funding.”

In December, he was announced as President Trump’s pick to permanently run the agency, and stated that politicians enforcing sanctuary city policies need to be held “personally accountable”. This is what he said:

“We have to take sanctuary cities to court and to start charging some of these politicians with crimes.” 

We are about to see how far his “brotherhood of man” liberal mentality lasts when he is sitting in a California jail with gangbangers and thugs! If someone breaks the law, there is a place for them!


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