Booker Rants About President Trump On Senate Floor And Sheriff Clarke Makes Him Regret It!

Through a fit on the Senate floor, Democratic Senator Corey Booker railed against DHS Secretary Kristjen Nielsen for saying she does not remember President Trump using the word “sh*thole” during a meeting regarding DACA.

“I hurt and had tears of rage when I heard about it! In order to feel that hurt, and so much pain, and to dismiss the questions of some of my colleagues, while millions of Americans are hurting rbecause of what they’re worried about what happened in the White House – that’s unacceptable to me.”

However, unfortunately for him, some people do not care about his feelings being hurt. And one of those people was Sheriff David Clarke. He took particular issue with the fact that the senator started yelling and even flailing his arms in rage at a female official.

Anyway, the Sheriff wasn’t alone in this line of thought either. Cyberspace almost immediately erupted in defense of Secretary Nielsen – several users tweeted comments slamming the New Jersey Senator for being emotional instable. Some others called out the fact that Booker seems to pick and choose when he sheds his tears.

Bearing in mind Booker’s latest antics, it becomes clear that he might not be the kind of person that should be included in the creating of the laws of our nation. Anyone that would throw a temper tantrum like that does not belong on Capitol Hill, and after these latest antics, there are already some calling for him to be the next member of the swamp to be pushed out of Washington.

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